Different Perspective
Project info

This was a photo-journalism brief in which I wanted to show those around me that the people you meet in old age homes/retirement villages are not filled with senile, mean or even scary senior citizens as some stereotypes portray them to be. Having being very lucky to have grown up around many grandparents and even great-grandparents, I was used to visiting my great-grandparents at their old age home and seeing the warmth and kindness that was so prevalent by their many friends and staff I would meet during my visits and I feel I was privileged enough to see that side of the old age home, one that many people do not often see or try to see, the more open, friendly and welcoming side of those we consider our elders. This brief also required us to not edit/photoshop heavily except to either lighten or darken our images, so these images remain almost exactly as they were shot.