Stepping out
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'Stepping out'

The Human Condition.

This project sets out to provide metaphor of the ‘self’ in the 21st century. Endeavouring to illustrate, at one and the same time, the complexity of projecting ones self while navigating the expectations of, literally, everything else.

We find ourselves under the constant bombardment of information … other than physical contact, what other kind of bombardment could we find ourselves under.

Contact with anything or anyone is simply information passed on to ‘me’ by whatever means I have available. I am my mind, I am only aware of anything else through my senses.

The projected shell that I assume may or may not be perceived as I wish it to be depending on how proficient I am in the endeavour.

How can we know if others see what we want them to see ?

How can I know if I appear, in the world, as I appear in my mind ?

(These ten images are a representation of around 30 from my 'Stepping Out' series).