Modern Mandalas
Project info

In the days of the dark room there was a technique called “Flopping”. Electronic manipulation allows me to expand this technique into unique images separate from the original work.

I start with a single image, multiply it by 4 and transform it into something that can stand on its own as one image (not be duplicate images even though they are copies). It is a different way to see the world and because I have a new paradigm of the world, I am finding new pictures in images I'd thought I'd already captured.

I call them Modern Mandalas because I feel they are meditative. In fact, they are very similar to kaleidoscopes or to the Rorschach test. Many geometric art forms are broken down into quadrants.

Further information is given below on a representative sample of Modern Mandalas. This series contains hundreds of images. To view more see ( and on instagram @bartrossart