Raising Daughters: Women of the Valley
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"Raising Daughters: Women of the Valley" is an inquiry into the expansive and swiftly developing role of women living in Nepal’s Kathmandu Valley. I have become fascinated by the notion of generational transference and its role in determining how nuanced ideals of womanhood are taught and learned. This series seeks to introduce a conversation about experiences of female identity in Nepal through paying notice to women, their work, and the spaces that witness their existence. As a location, Nepal is of distinct interest because of its rapid political and social transformations within recent decades, particularly in regards to women’s access to education and economic participation.

A woman in her early forties living in Nepal might have been entirely excluded from formal education, while her daughters have now completed masters’ degrees in their fields of study. Such experiences are common in Kathmandu. Some women have chosen to begin their education as adults.
Those who do not or cannot feel the pressure of a changing society.
Regardless of technical qualifications, women’s traditional contributions cannot be overstated in terms of their role in maintaining the fabric of family and the preservation of culture, tradition, language, and spirituality.

While education is a transformative and powerful force of inclusion and opportunity for women, what holds us together is a social knowledge incapable of being described through formal degrees or measures of aptitude. Regardless of their experiences of exclusion or inclusion in opportunities for personal and social growth, the women of Nepal carry the society upon their backs, bearing its weight and transforming the future of their daughters.