In Silence
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The undertaker is a job that not everyone is able to do.
It is not a matter of indecisive and trivial work like other jobs of little credit in public opinion, but it is a particular, atypical and very delicate work.
Treating the bodies is an activity that requires technical and moral training, both in the relationship with the body and in the relationship
with the pains connected to it.
An activity that involves bureaucratic and office work, practical and technical to facilitate the approach to death, an event that in our culture strongly influences our lives and articulates precise rituals.
Being a gravedigger means being in touch with death in all respects: receiving relatives of the deceased, doing administrative work, preparing the bodies, organizing the funeral. The observation of death is both earthly and spiritual.
The company of funeral honors is active all hours of the day and night.
Doing this work is a very precise choice: availability 24 hours a day and extreme delicacy are necessary characteristics for the public's expectations.
There are hundreds of people in our country who deal with them every day, just like hundreds of other professionals in totally different sectors.
This project portrays this professional figure in a delicate, quiet and respectful way, just as they themselves are.