Project info

The series Houses is a photographic project initiated in Japan in 2017. Initially thought as a documentation of the neighborhoods composed of manufactured houses, it quickly evolves into a mental process which overlaps two intrinsic qualities of the medium: the documentary and the pictorialist one.
As a matter of fact, to each shot corresponds a document of the tangible world in a specific combination of time and space. It could either be a staged image or not. One of this ongoing project’s purposes is showing how the quality of the urban pattern changes in the residential areas outside the city centers. On the other hand this work, starting from an ideal image that overlaps a physical one, depicts the atmosphere and the consciousness of a situation, rather than documenting the reality itself. A simple essential architecture illuminated by the sunlight turns into a vision that allows the viewer to pause.
The photographs offer a repetition of the same subjects, nondescript locations and yet very particular: urban deserted landscapes, residential areas that outline the city edges, side roads. And again, the zones of transition between the natural and the artificial landscape, the suburban agglomerations lost in the countryside.
In the photographs, the urban elements stand out on a uniform flat sky as objects in front of a studio backdrop. Streetlamps, traffic lights, few cars and rooftops define the framing of images without time and space. Ordinary scenes, that we always see without really observe, become moments of contemplation. Foreshortening views and framings without a specific subject create a tension that disorients the viewer, not able to predict how the scene could continue beyond the frame.
Until where the row of houses will continue? Is it maybe the light the real subject of the picture? What’s beyond the buildings? What time is it?