Flying people from Manila.
Project info

Manila, the capital of the Philippines, is a huge, dynamically developing metropolis. About 20 million people live in this city. Most of them are young people. The project "Flying people from Manila" is an attempt to portray how this society is a merry and energetic group of people. Wherever you go, you will get to know kindness, smiling faces, and joy of life. If it's a park, a basketball court, a beach, the slums, or even a cemetery.
In this black and white, classic essay, we see people full of life, jumping, constantly in motion, and full of energy. This is often hard to fathom - How is it possible that people who practically have nothing are able to be full of life with friends and landscapes that surround them. These people are a perfect example of the fact that a simple life often leads to happiness and that it's worth living life to the fullest and being happy every day.