The pursuit of happiness
Project info

I am 36 years old and I don’t know if I should bring a child in this world - this is where the project started. People of my age are trying to escape the city, in search of a quiet place to to raise their kids and grow older; it’s a continuous run and sometimes it’s like running in circles. In Romania pollution grows every year and the laws aren’t helping in any way. International corporations use our forests as an unlimited resource of wood, making them disappearing visibly. In the meantime, what we are missing here is a recycling culture, which comes with the consciousness of a clean future. A lot of factories and industrial places functional during the communism era, aren’t used anymore and they turned into ruins. The photographs are taken in different places near Bucharest, like Stirom Factory, abandoned factory in Republica Complex, in Bucharest, a wastewater treatment plant out of use, and a landfill in Chitila, a village next to Bucharest.
All of these places had a restricted access, which made the project difficult at some point.
In the first photographs I staged iconic paintings using The Renaissance as source of inspiration, because in my opinion this period of time marks the beginnings of the perception of the human being as an individual. I was interested in this visual and meaningful contrast between the landscape and the character, this is why I chose such an iconic figure as Virgin Mary- the symbol of the purest love in the world.
In this search for peace , quiet and nature the baby child is artificial, as all is left of humanity is only a past dream of a forever unborn child.