Temperance. (The Shades of White)
Project info

This series was originally dedicated to my winter journey to Iceland.
I never got such a strong feeling of calming and concentration at the same time.
Minimalistic graphic landscapes call for a well-balanced observer, an observer who values inner peace and might be in need of inspiration.
The snow isn’t deep on the ground, but it’s everywhere, and it’s still snowing.

When white is the only color there is, every stroke gets its own special meaning.
The absence of color equals the strength of every detail. This helps to concentrate thoughts and get a clear focus.

When I got back, I already knew what I’m looking for, how it should look and feel. I start searching and found it here and there.
And even in the heart of the New York City – one of the biggest city that “never sleeps” it is possible to find the islands of inner balance and tranquility.