"You will not believe the things I have seen"
Project info

This series of photographs is a celebration of our innate thirst for wonder, our ability to conjure up stories and drama out of thin air.
Out of random paint cracks and other accidental compositions, out of nothing really but our own desire to be awestruck, we find narratives and meaning.

Although they are universal in their very nature, it has become clear to me that, as in a Rorschach test, we all project our very own emotions and memories onto their reading. A tiny paint crack on a wall becomes the creepy monster under your childhood bed. A rustblot on a decrepit train becomes a representation of the Great Depression.

Besides the images themselves, what fascinates me the most about this all, is its power to re-capture our eroded childlike sense of wonderment.
Witnessing the smiles it brings to the most hardened of adults I encounter, seeing their joy at discovering the strange little creatures hidden among us, just fills me with deep satisfaction.

As in the words of the philosopher Roy Batty (a Nexus 6 replicant): "You would not believe the things I have seen"