Post-genocide Rwanda; 23 years on
Project info

This collection of work was taking during my visit to Rwanda last month. Twenty years ago I visited the country to see the gorillas and at this time it was only 3 years after the genocide. We barely got to see anything as we were camped out in the grounds of a missionary for the week under strict curfew.

It came a time this year when I wanted to revisit the country in order to look for volunteer placements as a Psychologist and for inspiration for my art and photography.

I found myself captured by the people and faces of the country with a huge curiosity about their stories of the genocide but also sensitive not to always ask. So by taking the photographs I could start to get a picture of how the country was recovering. From my photos I feel I saw more resilience and joy from the younger children and the elders but there stills seemed to be a torment in the older children and young adults.

From my visit I learnt that there was still a huge problem with next generation trauma which, as a Psychologist I hope to return and help support.