Candlelight Rally
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During the last winter there were large and historic demonstrations, resulted in the impeachment of President Keunhe Park, at the Gwanghwamoon Plaza in front of Gyeongbokgung, that is the main palace of Joseon Dynasty, in Seoul Korea.

I felt like joining and recording the demonstration at that time. When I arrived at the plaza to join the demonstration for the first time, I realized anew that the Statue of Haechi – an omniscient mythical beast and evolved as the symbol of Seoul – was watching the plaza as it has been in silence since Joseon Dynasty. Haechi was believed to have abilities to protect the palace from natural disaster and to give law and order among the populace.

I saw three groups of people who participated in the unprecedentedly peaceful demonstrations. They all looked like preying for better country, but in different points of view. One was called ‘Candlelight Rally’ that was the winner of the impeachment of President Park. The other was against it and called ‘Taegukgi Rally’ which means Korean national flag. There were also the police that had tried to separate them and prevent the unexpected collisions between two groups. After the impeachment we Korean returned to everyday life as if there happened nothing at the Gwanghwamoon Plaza, although the cases of President Park and lots of her government officials and the related are on trial.

I wanted to record this historic event just like Haechi might do.