Kok-boru ethnic game tournament in Altai Republic in Russia
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National equestrian game Kok Boru (also known as Buzkashi or Kokpar), the last few years more and more popular in the Altai Republic in Russia. In almost all regions of the republic created by the team, who train and eventually meet at the Republic Championship.
The game came from Central Asian culture and has received a lot of interest here.
In most mountainous areas of the country population is engaged in breeding cattle, so the ability to control the horse appears at an early age. The game Kok Boru is a demonstration of the skills of the horsemen and features of the national culture of the Altai people.

Terms of the game are similar to other team sports. The two halves of 20 minutes, the players on the field, some in reserve. Judges on horseback watching the observance of the rules. To score a goal it is necessary to throw a goat carcass into the cauldron (gate) of the enemy. After that game begin with the center of the field.

In 2017, the game was an important, and long-awaited change.
Earlier, as a "ball" in games always used the carcass of a goat without a head. One goat was only enough for one game day or about three matches.
Therefore, for many, the game seemed cruel, and could cause protests from animal advocates.
But now in Altai were able to make a model imitating a goat in weight, shape and skin. According to the judge, they wanted to do this before, but it was not possible to make a reliable model that meets the requirements of the game.