Project info

According to definition, ‘resonance’ describes “a quality of sound that stays loud, clear, and deep for a long time”. It also refers to “a quality that makes something personally meaningful or important to someone”. I believe sounds and stories can resonate throughout time, space and matter.

The “Resonance” project is an attempt to view into an old men’s mind who, towards the end of his life, started re-creating and re-inventing his love life and letting it manifest in his surrounding. The main material for his life-dreaming were his own memories of joyful life, his dreams, fantasies, desires, his own photographs of women that adored him or were part of his life, but also images of famous women published in magazines, advertisements, newspapers and porn magazines. The pictures of women were carefully cut out by him, multiplied, scanned, re-printed, framed, carefully arranged in his home interior surrounded with another objects to finally be re-photographed in the new configuration, printed and framed once again.

Through my project, I’m documenting his living space so saturated with his male energy. I’m also mimicing the way his mind was re-creating his love-dense world. I’m pairing archival pictures with his creations, blow-ups of his old photographs and pictures from magazines that seem to work like flashes of memories, photographs of his daily surrounding as well as my own creations within the space where he lived.

While going through his archives, I found an empty, black album with just one glued-on, hand-written note saying: “When I get too old to dream, I’ll have you to remember”. It made me think that I might be the continuation of his collection…