Project info

‘365’ is a collaboration between husband and wife artists Andrej Kocis and Helen Kocis Edwards. Using portraiture, the project explores identity and aging, through banality, comedy and self-revelation. The work starts with 365 photos of Helen taken each morning over a year (Series 1). Helen would wake, rise, don her glasses and be photographed by Andrej - without styling or makeup. These banal images subvert studio portraiture, referencing instead utilitarian photography (like mugshots), deliberately omitting personality and context. A collage of all 365 photos (Series 2) then synthesises this concept, demonstrating banality in its ultimate form. The work migrates to a set of thirteen multi-layered images (Series 3). The first twelve meld together a month of photos, while the thirteenth combines all 365. These layered images smooth out daily changes, slowly revealing the subject’s inner complexity and beauty.