Project info

Stahl’s consistent visual language of vibrant colours, stark geometric subjects and sublime composition is the backbone of his unique brand of documentary constructivism.
It aims at triggering unconcealed and ingenious responses from the embedded conditioning of our individual and collective conscious.
While the artist's works seem engineered to create first impressions that are factual, sharp, hyper-realistic and unrelentingly documentary in appearance, our subconscious decodes these deliberately crafted stylistic devices as proffering hidden meanings that far surpass the merely depicted.
Whether confronted with Stahl's streetscape, landscape or architecture works, the viewer himself becomes an active part of the subject matter displayed, launching him into a compelling disquisition on human nature and his individual disposition therein.
The deliberately constructed tension in Stahl's works reminds us that beneath the aseptic surface of life and the symmetry forced upon by our conditioned past or peer forces, lies more than the sheen of our skewed perception and desires. Namely, our repressed or actualized struggles to become who we are.