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A lot of immigrants from Africa are employed in the harvest of tomatoes in the south of Italy. This work is hard, often underpaid, almost never under contract.
Immigrants who work in this area are nomads, every two or three months they change place. They have no fixed abode, they camp in the slums close to the plantations or in abandoned ruins in the countryside without electricity and running water; sometimes the municipalities affected by the migration of workers predispose temporary tents or dormitories. The most critical situation is in the middle of winter when work decreases and the cold comes to make very uncomfortable the life of the homeless.
I met a group of workers from Sudan and Chad, they camped in an old abandoned building just outside the city. I've visited these men, I got to know their stories, fragments of difficult lives marked by distance and insecurity.
At the end I asked to portray them and I chose to do it with their blankets as a background, because they are often the only shelter from the cold and from the light. Blanket is the only border between their inner world and the outside world.