Human Zoo
Project info

Photography as a tool for social observation.
If the city were a zoo, people would be the animals living within. Here artificial landscapes highly mimic nature, so much so the resident animals may even feel at home.

Artificial simulacra, as replicas of the original, make life much more interesting. They help build beautiful ambiences on demand, as if the original were readily available. It's a form of substitute aesthetics of situationists, forming a hyperreal scene that is both real and not real. These decors enkindle feelings of ease and comfort for the reader.

Photography is a tool to record images. I record manufactured landscapes in public places and create a world where the real and the fake are in dialogue in the same space together.

All animals are emotional, But human alone appreciates beauty.
To cope with our busy and stressful lives, we often require a change of scenery in space to adjust our moods. For this reason, we docorate the white walls in our houses to feel more at home. For the same reason, we decorate city streets with fake imagery of nature to beautify the city and promote sense of well-being. These images can broadly be categorized as landscape or wild animals. The categorization is used to highlight an urge in the collective subconscious mind of the viewers. Nature is thus revisited through seeing the fake replicas in the images. This also shows the close relationship between humans, animals and nature.