“The hand is the tool of tools” - Aristotle
Project info

I am the 5th generation born at Yardup and farming is in my blood and in my heart. I have chosen hands as the subject of my photographic series to demonstrate the connections and subsequent points of view people have from their relationship with our farm. Some photographs are of family members who have grown up at Yardup, some are of long-term farm contractors and some are of people who have had a relationship as tourists, friends or overseas workers. Indeed, an inspiration for my work was German photographer Khatarina Jaegar who during her time with us, photographed a series entitled ‘Farm Kids’ of which I was a part.

I have photographed each person in black and white in a way I feel expresses their particular point of view and conveys their individual story. This story is enhanced by the words of each subject. The repetition and symmetry of my piece is symbolic of the day-in, day-out practice of farming.

During this photographic journey I have been privileged to share in the stories of the ‘People of Yardup’. Equally humbling was the idea that Aristotle valued agriculture and ‘hands as tools’, informing my artwork and bringing perspective to my storyline of Yardup.