Evanescent Space
Project info

These pieces are a selection from my Evanescent Space series, a cubist rendering of street scenes from Berlin and Amsterdam produced between 2016 and 2017. I seek to challenge the distinction between photography’s correlate with reality, central to the tradition of street photography, and the freedom for visual configuration of painting. I paint with the camera, in situ, the transformation of my own spatial interactions into an assemblage of perspectives and reinventions. The flux of forms in the street includes me as I am performatively shaping it. The traces of the parts over the whole of the image highlight how the movement of eyes, body and comprehension, in a world in movement, constitute evanescent realities.

My street photography projects explore the potential of the medium to re-imagine public space. In the age of internet and the cell phone camera, when reality is often encapsulated by programmatic trends and viral dissemination, I propose a phenomenology of space to question normalized readings and highlight human vitality in living and refiguring the image of public place.