Wrestlers' Home('Pehalwan' Akhra) .
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India for competitions. First a wrestler digs the pit before they start of practice, then wrestlers warm up, another wrestler sanctifies the pit before the wrestling training begins. The soil is prepared with buttermilk, turmeric powder, red color and make it soft and antiseptic.
An Akhara is known as Talim across Maharashtra, especially the two wrestling hubs of Kolhapur and Pune in India.
A pehalwan has a very busy day and most of it is spent exercising, resting and eating. Though most follow the schedule, many also go to schools and colleges during the day time. Any prize money won by the wrestler, however, remains with him only and is not given to the Talim.
Most wrestlers aspire to fight at national level and win some prize money which will support them later in life. Most wrestlers generally fight till their mid-twenties and then retire to live another life.
There is a small shower and men get crammed up and shower together.
Wrestlers of different ages of as young as 10 years to grown up adults undergo rigorous practices every day.