Lands of Hesbaye
Project info

The Hesbaye, a Belgian region with the poetic nickname of "Wheat Granary of Belgium", is characterized by open horizons softly undulated by a succession of valleys swept by the wind. It is a rich land suitable for vegetables, cereals and fruit growing while the agriculture leaves little place for landscape diversity.
With its endless horizons, only dotted with farm buildings, it may be seen as unsurprising, monotonous and sad. It deserves, however, that we stop by for a little while because, of these landscapes drawn by the human activity, it often appears a marked graphic design to which I wanted to give a certain esthetics while keeping the melancholic side.
For printing, I use homemade pigments inks on "photo rag" paper. They provide a matte image, without reflections, in warm tones close to the color of the earth.
The frame, square format, is done with a mat and without protective glass to allow the visitor to get into the photo.