Rosa acicularis
Project info

In my exhibition Inspired by the centenary of Finland’s independence I return to my roots to the archipelago of Rääkkylä, North Karelia. There I photographed the daily life of elderly people living on their own. I selected four persons with different stories and backgrounds: an old farmer, a widow, a carpenter and war evacuee. The photographs shows the connections between the inhabitant and the home in its purest form without the photographer intervening. The photographs are formed by the actions of the subjects: they show their home, their beloved items and places. Even though these people live in solitude, the exhibition is not about loneliness. The story is about the lived and everyday lives of the subjects. Their homes reflect Karelia and ooze countless memories, which all are part of who these people are.

At the same time, the photographs communicate in interesting ways the essence of the surrounding world of these people. Their home is the window to their outer world and environment around. This point of view shows you even the shortest of distances can be far away and you can create own little comprehensible conveniently boxed world. These elderly people the world is the archipelago of Rääkkylä, their world is their homes with all the memories, the most familiar of items and immediate surroundings. This sense of immediate world around you is the story I wanted to tell. The world is not far away. It is right in front of you, just here within your own safety. From here it is safe to watch the world moving forward and think. In addition to the photographs I have interviewed the subjects about the meaning of home in their lives.