Portraits of Japan
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Frequent traveller and passionate photographer for years, my journey in Japan has obviously impressed me, but especially deeply touched me.
Beyond the clichés, spending time in Japan for a few weeks is like touching something precious.
We feel something deep that a foreigner can only suppose, at best touch.
This culture and these secular traditions are carried in the genes of every Japanese person.
Materialism and spirituality.
Modernism and traditions.
Frenzy of cities and serenity of temples and parks which we find in their hearts.
In Japan, nothing is incompatible.
In Japan, the cult of the beauty, of every detail remains alive.
Every element of the everyday life is magnified into an art: flowers: Ikebana, folding: Origami, theatre: Nô, stencil: Katagami, Japanese gardens, bonsais, calligraphy, ceremony of the tea and even the war with its martial arts.
But beyond theories, it is in daily life, , that this people enlivens proudly these traditions, this culture with frivolity and simplicity.
I would like to share my meeting with this people, these unknowns, who carry in each of them this history, this beauty.