Vague de rêve
Project info

As a child, I collected botanical specimens: flowers, leaves, stems and other organic matter. I kept dozens of vegetable traces in my diaries. Over time, I was fascinated by their transformation process, and by their ability to reveal other versions of themselves. From these memories was born my interest on the bond between the human, the vegetable and the animal. I went to various botanical gardens but also in other natural areas exploited by man however the artificiality of the prints behind those spaces, where vegetation is entirely controlled and kept under surveillance, ended up in boxes. This first step was necessary to understand the project and took me to other areas in the wilderness and to have a lighter approach where spontaneous, natural and intimate scenes took a major role.

What is the language shared with our environment? What is our place in nature? By discovering the poetic sensibilities common to the plant and animal species I question about what binds us to these two species. It is also a way of exploring the forms of these elements which seem remarkable and extraordinary from the moment when one takes the time to pay special attention to them. A dive into a universe between life and death, between dream and reality.

My approach is part of an inner search for our place in the world, our relationship with nature. The photos were taken in places where the traces of men remain, whether perceptible or not, in order to confront the formidable presence of nature and its elements. A return to the heritage that is transmitted to us and suggests to distance ourselves from all artifices in order to try to find a fundamental expression. These images reflect our presence, our borders and our limits. By cutting, arranging, pasting hybrid images these shift the gaze, and tell the story of a place and a person differently. It is the articulation between the images that counts, the linking of two images out of their initial context multiplies their meaning.

"Dreams without a goal,
In the burnt heath,
The voice of the wind."
- Taigu Ryokan