Project info

The subjects of the photographs are small mechanical tools that engrave and shape materials such as metal, plastic and wood. The work focuses on industrial objects that apparently lack in aesthetic value: they are decontextualized by the photographic lens and removed by their functional context. The resulting images create a paradox by investigating the shape of objects originally designed to shape other materials. In this project, the camera offers its analytical qualities by displaying black and white images in which the tools are isolated on a plain background. The series is made by using black and white transparencies: eight slide projectors equipped with a wide-angle lens illuminates the space, creating a large scale archive of industrial shapes. Within the exhibition space, the formal and mechanical approach used in the photographic studio to record the tools' shapes, vanishes in the darkness of the room, allowing for Del Conte's reinterpretation to emerge. He presents the objects on a different scale and they take on the value of totems, of possible architectures. The artist proposes a reflection on the different ways in which simple objects might be looked at: exclusively as a synthesis of shape and functionality or as “something other” than what they are.