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The “Rione Sanità” was built in the XVI century, in a quarry that had been used as a burial place during the Greek-Roman period. The strong bond between the dwellers and death is one of the distinctive traits of the neighborhood, as testified by places of worship. The most important of these places is the Fontanelle Cemetery. The cemetery, built in a tuff quarry, hosts the remains of the victims of the 1656 plague epidemic and those of the 1836 cholera epidemic. The abandoned bones of the paupers were “adopted” and preserved by the local inhabitants. Nowadays a new plague has fell on the neighborhood: social neglect. The Rione, born as a place of residence for the noble and aristocratic families, has become one of the poorest in Naples. The pauperization of “Rione Sanità” was caused by the building of “ Sanità’s Bridge” (later named as “Maddalena Cerasuolo Bridge”). The bridge, built between 1806 and 1809, was created to link the Capodimonte Royal Palace to the rest of the city. On one side the built of the bridge excluded the neighborhood from the town, by creating a kind of ghetto into city’s heart. On the other side, it allowed the neighborhood to preserve its identity. Among the inhabitants of “Rione Sanità” has grown a strong sense of belonging scratched only on the surface by the modernity. In the “Rione Sanità” the public education suffers from lack of schools, in fact there are no kindergarten, there is only one primary school, one secondary school and one high school (this last one is the first in Italy for school evasion). The “Rione Sanità” is not immune to Camorra struggles. The mafia clans, as Vastarella, Sequino and Savarese, wildly fight for the business of drug and estorsions in the area. In spite of all that, the neighborhood welcomes a huge humanity with different geographical origins and different personal histories. My project focuses on neighborhood’s life in its intimate and sweet fold. The black and white features of a perennially painful humanity come out of the shadow showing intense relationships of love, unexpected, very sweet. My images want giving back the best part of that meat that can also be bestial.The “Rione Sanità” is loneliness and love, irony and tragedy, faith and sin. The contrasts generate surreal existences. The street and the home blend together, the private becomes public and the public hides the secrets of the private.Life and death interact daily, not always in agreement. The Rione self-destroys and regenerates at the same time. It lives, dies and revives through the lives that flow identical and monotonous in the beauty of recurring gestures. The silence is a rare gift for these alleys, but in its revelation you can discover the naked and immense soul of a forgotten humanity.