Apparition: Postcards From Eye See You
Project info

I am a former photojournalist and filmmaker. During open heart surgery in 2012, I suffered a major stroke leaving me legally blind and subject to vivid visual hallucinations. This life event changed my artistic vision, opening up an entirely new visual style.
With profound curiosity and a life-long habit of experimentation, I picked up my iPad and started to explore. Because I was raised by inventors and engineers, I embraced regeneration as a way of life, so I focused my limited attention on what could be invented and created.
Utilizing imaging software that corrupts visual data, I was effectively able to replicate what was happening with information within my own brain.
I scanned found portraits, maimed their component features and rebuilt them as layered composites to resemble how I now see, in fragments, somehow familiar, yet strange. I take my layered composites and print these as cyanotypes. I bleach and tone my cyanotypes with a mixture of photo chemicals and tea. Ultimately, I digitize the altered cyanotypes and create my final print. The result is my series of enigmatic portraits, Apparition: Postcards From Eye See You.