Project info

Series of 25 photographs in 120mm black
and White film during two trips to
Providence Island, Colombia. The series
depicts empty spaces, ruins and
landscapes of the island’s sea. The name
of the series (hope) appears written
upside down in an abandoned boat alongside
the main road of the island. I think of
this word as a different kind of hope that
talks about calm and detach from modern
cities: detach from their speed, their
technology and urge for progress and
success. Although the island is not
abandoned, its inhabitants live along the
abandonment as if it were a natural thing
to do; therefore I wanted to focus my gaze
over those abandoned elements that
integrate the island’s landscape that,
for me, unveil the spirit of the place
while it also unveils my own longing. The
multiple broken facades that I found show
a place that doesn’t want neither need to
cover their tracks and lacks, instead, the
people accept themselves the way they are.
It is not a spirit that hopes to change
and adapt but chooses to live in a place
of peace that is found in the present, not
in the future.

All photos:
120mm Black and white film - Ilford FP4 and HP5