In God's Waiting room
Project info

You may look at this project as a search. It can be my quest, your quest, anybody’s quest really. It is a journey within yourself, where you will ask a lot of questions, but you will get no clear answer. The answers you will have to find, through answering the questions put in front of you by the pictures. Depending on who you are, your background and pre-set thoughts about religion, you might find that the question you get from a picture can be different.
Throughout the project there is a balance of light and dark. Light pictures and dark pictures, and sometimes it is both in the same time. The bright light can, depending on who looks at it feel warm and inviting, or overly intense and a bit frightening. The light in a sense represent something otherworldly, something inexplicable, but it can also just be bright light. The darkness can represent the unknown, the uncertainty, but also the consequences, if you make the wrong decisions.
The whole project is photographed in the same place, Albany Road Baptist church, in Roath. But if you look closely you will see that there are very few pictures that clearly describe where it is taken. The idea that the project is in the subject of religion comes through photographing people and objects in a certain way or show them in a certain light. People being consumed by bright light, or with faces either turned away or half covered, give the idea that they are looking for something, as well as serving the purpose of anonymize them. That is important, because by anonymizing them, it makes it easier to project yourself into the story. More discrete symbols of religion are integrated in the series, such as the curtain, that symbolizes man being separated from God, we still try to peak through to the other side but the truth is not revealed. An angel with spread wings greets you by the pearly gates. Does religion make it possible to wash away all your sins, when your hands are wrinkly and you feel that the time is near. Or is it the balance you have kept inside you your whole life, fighting the darkness within and letting the good deeds Triumph.
But is that really what it is about? That is up to you really, the goal is to make you reflect upon the images, not telling you what it is about, not telling you what you should think, but to search for the answers within you self.