Parnitha sanatorium
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A few kilometres off Athens lays Mount Parnitha. There, you may find an old, deserted but imposing structure. From 1965 and for two decades the building hosted the popular and prestigious in its time Xenia Hotel. But there is also another story, less well-known and joyous; a story full of pain, sadness and death. From 1912 to 1950, due to the excellent mountain climate, the building was used as a sanatorium for tuberculosis patients. The hardship brought about by WW2 led to an outbreak of the disease, leading to the death of 18.000 people. Upon the discovery of antibiotics, the sanatorium was closed down. However, the souls of those who died were left there seeking redemption. A few meters away from the sanatorium lays ‘Soul Park’, a collection of wooden sculptures carved out from burnt trees. The sculptures are dedicated to the souls of those who died in the hospital.