Prickle or second chance
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We all make mistakes. Even if we believe in God, sometimes we seem to say to God: "You can stay aside, and I'll do what I think is necessary for me". But then we realize that we were wrong, we come to God, but with different words: "Lord, forgive me, give me one more chance. I will change everything, I will correct everything. " And the merciful God forgives, gives us a second chance.
But the most interesting is that next time we again act as before, and again we come to God with repentance. And each time He will give a new chance until we pass our life exam" this is written in the Bible.
What is the second chance? This is an opportunity to start something again , like a white sheet of paper on which you can write a story of your life again.
This series of flowers is a story about my life story and people similar to me, about those who are learning to use their second chance