Street Cowboys 2018
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Born from the iconic American West of the 19th century, the Cowboy mythology embodies the archetypical hero's journey that has been romanticized since the dawn of time: that of the reluctant warrior who, despite the odds, heeds the call to adventure and carves his future from the frontier with bare callused hands.

For those who have neither wealth nor power, the Cowboy represents unfettered independence, an individual beholden to no authority. He is idealized by those who crave freedom but, like the bird that will not fly from its gilded cage when the door is left open, are unable or unwilling to undertake the fierce struggle required to secure it.

The Wild West of the 1800's has vanished but the cowboy attitude ("one against the world”) persists in the wild streets, opulent penthouses and rural towns of the world. Today's cowboys still live close to the ground, clawing at the edges of civilization and possibility; consciously or not, they evoke an ancient spirit that continues to resonate and connect us to the past - the foundation on which we build our future.

This series of candid street portraits celebrates the complicated, daring men of mystery who inspire us to search for a secret destiny that is all our own. Men whose weathered faces map the stories of their lives, and so the story of Life itself.