Portfolio Category - Portrait Awards 2014
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Revisiting narratives within one's personal history and the modern-day impact of engaging the past have frequently influenced my work. Aligned with this impulse, this long-term project explores my definition of womanhood as seen through a transgender female whom I first met while we were (opposite sex) teenagers.

I learned of Lorelei's gender switch through an online alumnus site for the non-traditional summer camp we both attended as adolescents, documented in my series CRUEL STORY OF YOUTH. Our mutual experience in such an unusual locale allowed for an immediate intimacy between us, despite the passing of 20 years and a new need to renegotiate our relationship as adults of the same sex.

Utilizing documentary techniques and an impressionistic viewpoint for context, this series is both a commentary and an inquiry to what we assign as "feminine," and the socially defined behaviors and roles of women (both biological and gender identified). These images chronicle the process of metamorphosis, the inherent duality in all natural elements, and the expectations, influences and aesthetics that color our ideas of femininity.