There are rules on both sides of the glass
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There are rules on both sides of the glass.

Growing up on this planet, I have made millions of observations. As a species, we humans have achieved the highest point of uselessness to date. This is the culmination of human futility. I document the pure nonsense of it all. I try to gather my evidence from the outside looking in as if peering through a window at the entirety of the current state of things. I am trying to answer my own questions as to why it is so. My answers might be dangerous, but they are also thought provoking. We are all ‘living the dream’….but we forget a nightmare is still a dream.

Each image that I keep for myself encompasses a corresponding array of thoughts. They may be simple or they may be far more complex and nostalgic, but they are personal and intimate. Some even tongue in cheek. I try and answer - what separates us from the animals? Why do humans need a soapbox to announce who they are and what they came for?

The tiger never needs you to know his name. The tiger is here to survive without consequence. The tiger does not live by rules. The tiger explains himself to nobody and does not understand criticism.

“There are rules on both sides of the glass” is the tiger.