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Rodolfo de Jesús Vargas was 54 years old and had devoted more than two decades of his life to teach and encourage baseball to over150 boys from the 23 de Enero parish (one of Venezuela’s largest slums).

During the early hours of a Monday, a group of hooded men abruptly knocked on the door of his home. after leaning out the window of his room to see what was happening outside, the Perps shot the coach twice without even saying a word. one of the bullets went to his skull and the other to his stomach, thus ending his life.

The event end up with three children as orphans, and a baserball team without its coach, all that in a country in which said sport is almost a religion.

At his funeral, his students made a promise on their teacher’s coffin: that they would be champions and that they would all reach the Major Leagues.