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The woods above my home town in the Piedmont / Northern Italy were still not there until about 40 years ago. From the lake to far up in the mountains everything was then terrassed and cultivated. The houses were inhabited and the gardens laid out. Today, the forest has quickly recaptured the gardens and houses.
But most of the forest is lost there. It is mostly difficult to access and is often not managed by the owners or the state. The forest floor is so matted that no other plant can grow between the trees. The trees often stand very close together and take each other's air for breathing. Over the years, wind and weather have created bizarre shapes. Thus, over time, a barren desert landscape emerges in the forest. There you can not hear a bird singing, it is unusually quiet there. Totally untypical for a forest as you know it. Walking through the forest, I find again and again legacies of the people who live or lived there. Some that I can explain, some always remain a mystery. I have omitted the presence of people in the photos. It will be displayed the legacy of non-attendance. Maybe it will look like that when human existence sometimes no longer exists?
I try to capture this bizarre forms and the mystic mood through my black & white photographs.