hybrid state
Project info

Like atoms, images are elements from which life organizes itself. They move between the visible and what is only perceptible. Images-atoms forge our path. Hover. Round, form intersections, tangencies, overlaps.

This series seeks to reflect on the human condition in its multiplicity. Consider the psychological and temporal dimensions in the spaces of daily survival. Repetitions .... the eternal return of the same or the difference?

Nietzsche formulated the concept of the eternal return as a challenge to thought: what if we had to "live once more and countless times"? A concept to think of the power of the present, the cycles. As a transit of gestures that orbit the existences.

In this project there is a search to visit and investigate images in their interweaving of apparitions and disappearances, from a photographic production that intends to evidence internal spaces experienced by external images of self representation.

How to account for all images that inhabit us and that we inhabit? How to understand the inner dimension and its appearance in the outer world? Between the light and the dark, what can an image, repeatedly give us to see? From the leaked image, what is the power of the look?