Tell Me Your Dreams
Project info

In 2016, I began a project documenting the daily life of children on the island of Skopelos, Greece. What does this look like in the 21st century? The media has described Greece as a country crippled by an ongoing financial crisis. In photographing the youth of Skopelos, I hope to show viewers another story of Greece, a look into lives short on material goods but rich in traditions, culture, family life, with the natural beauty of the island as a backdrop.

In this collection you will meet some of the children—Magda, Eleftaras, Marielena, Krisanthi—get to know their faces, see where they live. As this project goes forward, I hope to include the children as they participate in island feast days and celebrations or in the simple pleasures of summertime—a dip in the sea, an afternoon fishing with friends by the harbor. Will an idyllic childhood on Skopelos prepare them for uncertain futures? I am looking through my lens for answers.