Without End, the first chapter
Project info

Without End, the first chapter is part of an ongoing project the explores my family and infancy visually, through my children in particular, at that stage in life that we can say, symbolically, begins with a spark and in which the first and consistent mould of a person is formed. A rich and complex period. Rich in its diversity and new experiences that may arise and complex due to the difficulty that may come in trying to manage them both in the phsyically and emotionally.

With my camera I am able to establish a special and changing relationship with my children, my partner that allows me to enter into their emotional and sensory worlds, but where, above all, I discover, with attention and subtlety, something that becomes more comfortable, that undergoes a constant shaping and evolution towards their own identities, in the moment of the images I recognise ways of feeling and experiencing that go beyond a simple question of age.