COCO the serie
Project info

I'm not a traditional photographer.
Thanks to my 20 years of experience as a fashion designer, becoming a photographer was a simple continuity.
Through the photo, I redraw the contours of the life of the people I shoot.
I use my critical eye and intuition to reveal the soul and identity of the subject. 
Being fascinated by people, it is important for me to establish a certain interpersonal relationship with them. 
My concept is therefore based on the desire to put forward human values, a style, an originality in spontaneity and naturalness. 
I want to establish affinities, accompany and sublimate individuals in order to bring out their unique personality, the time of a shooting and a moment of sharing.
A meeting, a conversation, a personal contact are all enriching experiences.
Sometimes, meeting people can be ephemeral, sometimes intense, or even evolve on a friendship, as it has been the case with Coco!
But there is an established connection that allows me to enter into the life and stories of those who stand before my goal.