Project info

These portraits are part of my ongoing project Possible Playgrounds, where I’m experiencing Bucharest through the eyes of the young generation. The project visualizes their needs, dreams and fears towards in a city where their voice is almost completely missing.

The title comments on the lack of playgrounds and urban life in many areas of the city, where the young residents are pushing for informal places to meet and play. Using photography as a creative tool of mapping and intervening in the cityscape, the project creates images of protest and engagement. At the same time, the participants are taught the basics of photography, and continues to visualize their stories.

The girls in the pictures lives in Giulesti Sarbi, a Roma-dominated mixed suburb. The old train station where the pictures are shot is one of her many more or less dangerous playgrounds. There are an estimated 150,000 unregistered Roma in the city. Apart from the need of playgrounds, they are in need of a social security number, has no legal rights and cannot go to school.