Beautifully Different
Project info

In August 2014, after working on the project on high-functioning autism with Dr. Landa of renowned Kennedy Krieger Institute for over six years, MAKIKO produced this autism project and launched her first documentary book entitled “Beautifully Different”. In March 2016, it was re-published by Nihon Bungeisha for the Japanese market (ISBN: 9784537213690).

As the number of diagnosed cases of autism increases exponentially, media coverage of the disorder grows more prevalent. However, the cases most often highlighted are those that are the most severe. The focus on these children may sound the alarm to the public, but it leaves a certain group on the sidelines. Those with high-functioning autism are rarely profiled in the media. Highly verbal, remarkably intelligent and often phenomenally gifted, they represent the bright side of the disorder. They can show us that an autism diagnosis need not be a dead end, but rather a diversion. This project hopes to shed light on this.