Don't Touch the Mannequins
Project info

What began as a project examining the topic of beauty standards and the objectification of women, quickly became a deeply personal exploration of how these standards have impacted me, and my fears about how they will impact my young girls.
In this study of mannequins, I seek to explore how the visual representation of women as inanimate objects (mannequins) reflect and perpetuate cultural standards of beauty forced on women. I further want to investigate how seeing a constant barrage of these representations impacts the development of young girls' sense of self, and how years of internalization continues to impact adult women. Deeply personal, from the perspective of both a mother wanting to protect her daughters, and a woman with conflicting forces of both deep insecurity and incredible strength, the project seeks to ask questions rather than answer them.
What do mannequins say about how women are represented in society? What do they say about the limited choices women are forced to make about their identity and value in society?