Wandering Stars
Project info

As an architect I have created many homes for a wide array of people, and possess a deep connection with the idea of HOME and how it’s perceived and experienced.
After my relocation from Russia to the US, search for home and its meaning turned for me to a tangible problem. I felt disconnected within myself, from others, separated from nature and from the landscapes with which I share the deepest of connections. However, even when I possess a new house, a new city and new peers...there lacks a deep connection that only time and history can create.
Captivated by the rich visual spectacle of the new city, I used my camera to record both my fascination with, and sense of alienation from, my new surroundings. Meditations of home, homelessness and homesickness seem to drive my practice. Within my project I continue to search for a place of comfort, both within myself and in the place I call home.