Dear Friend Phoenix
Project info

I choosed my friend as the subjet of these portrait 'cause she was the reason of my conflict.
I developed this experience into a consideration about relationships and the fact that sometimes the only way to go beyond pain is actually to "collide" with it in order to get stronger.
That's why I decided to use the Phoenix' metaphore.
So I tried to represent this conflict through five most important (for me) emotional conditions.
The initial schock, the pain and disillusion after that.
The first defense and the denial in front of the suffering.
The anger and frustration that one feel and the fact that most of time we don't know if this emotions are adress to the others or to ourself.
The exhaustion and than the weariness after a conflict 'cause of the strenght put into it and finally the consideration that most of the time the only way is the acceptance of our's and people's contradiction as a quality, not a flaw.