Beyond our Bodies
Project info

Beyond our bodies is an ongoing feminist project about female and non binary people's struggles in the contemporary world. It's about giving representation, voice and empowerment through an intimate gaze that unfolds a contemporary perception on how it is to live in our bodies nowadays in different cultures, depending where we grew up and how we identify.

While gender roles and representations are slowly shifting in modern societies, it is important to redefine terminology and show the people who make that change happen in their daily life, by challenging normative gender structures enforced by society since they were born. This intimate diary of encounters is mostly captured in the intimacy of people’s home, because it's important to portray people in their own truth, beyond restrictive binaries that are unfit to their complexities.
Showing that in the end, gender is just a performance, and that the boxes made by men will always be too limitative for most of us.