Portrait Portfolio
Project info

The photographs that I picked for this submission are a variety of portraits that reflect on my interest when it comes to photographing people. None of these are candid shots. They are all created by inspirations I had collected over many years. It was the soft lens photography by David Hamilton that spiked my interest in the 1970’s. His ballet images and sensual portraits led me to photography. It took me a quarter of a century (while working on mostly wildlife and landscapes) to finally work on the subject.
While working with several dancers from the local Ballet, I was more and more drawn into dance images. From classical to contemporary and I was fortunate that the dancers agreed to work with me on
many different projects.
Aside from working in the studio I have discovers a new element and location for my work. The location is in my backyard and the element is water. Underwater portraits are a new passion of mine.
I cannot wait to see where photography will take me. What I know is that I will take my camera with me wherever I go.