Viktorija Staponė
Project info

Photography is like a road in my life that leads towards the answers to the questions and closer to people who help me grow like a tree, not only upwards the light but also spreading branches towards many directions. I still cannot define my style and genre because they change and transform with new experiences and spiritual search. However, I definitely know that the goal of my photography is very earthy – to touch upon human’s intangible depth, to make the existential fears and feelings, which cannot be explained with any fancy word combinations, speak. I often observe how people looking at my work liberate themselves from the norms and find their true inner voice that was mute for years.
It is not easy to talk about my own achievements. Maybe it is for those who have lost the number of the awards, victories and completed work. But for me, the happiest achievement is that, thanks to my creative openness, I have become close to people during these years. There are no more walls during conversations and sharing personal experiences, no more “stranger” tag as if the surroundings became closer as ever.
I believe that my homeland has helped me find my creativity. Not because of its support or evaluation towards the artist which can actually be hard to achieve but because of how spiritually deep my country is, because of its history and overall melancholy. Lithuania, a small country with special and dramatic four-season nature, is a true treasure for photography goals of searching the inner world of a human.
Last year was special – five exhibitions, some of them in London. I have also published my personal photography book “Portrait of My Land”, organized a number of photography courses and meetings and attended universities as a lecturer. I have even opened a home for photography, a gallery that helps me sell my work to a wider audience. Above all, my most valuable achievement is that I can be true self and open in my creative work, be closer to my viewers and meet special personalities and that the message of my photography is being received. Moreover, the most precious achievement is helping people to find feelings that were hidden away for a long time.