A Fresh Start
Project info

"I took the bus, I took the train, but I'm still lost at sea."

Location: Cottage 2nd Floor

The Cottage building is a place where we lived and hanged out with our friends. This place contains one of our best memories in our college student life. As college students, a fresh start begins every year, every semester and every day.

I drew inspiration from the big signboard which was hang on the wall of Cottage 2nd floor, which has 'A Fresh Start' written on it and was dated back to 2015. It has been a mystery to who wrote it and why did he/she did it. The suspense kept me wondering every time we passed by the wall. Hence, the photoshoot began with a goal in mind; to document people who lived in the Cottage building during the school year.

It was a big challenge for me as I had to learn how to communicate with the models and figure out different angles to suit each person. The location has a tight limit as it is a small space and I could only set up a small lighting equipment for the photoshoot. I chose to use film camera because the process of taking the photos to developing them makes me communicate with the photographs spiritually.

Each photograph portrays the model's personality and reminds me of the beautiful memories that I spent with them.